The Alpha Fundle Bundle

The Alpha Fundle Bundle
Gravi,  Super Tower Rush,  Monsters!
Bonus Games | Samphi & Twisty’s Asylum Escapades

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Gravi, by Hashbang Games

Gravi is an intense puzzle-platformer that’ll test your tolerance for pain. Fling yourself through terrorizing traps and manipulate gravity to swing towards victory. Death is guaranteed.

Support: Not on Steam Desura key Not DRM-Free Steam Key Guaranteed if Green Lit Windows Mac Linux

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Super Tower Rush, by MissScripter

Once upon a time, there was a tower every knight and lady who had a wish visited. Racing another aspirant was the only way for their own wish to come true. The fastest one at descending the Tower would be the winner. Super Tower Rush intends to bring old values back, such as shared gaming experience face to face, even from the same keyboard, although it includes a system to play online with the community and a single player mode to train and unlock game modes too.

Support: Not On Steam Desura Key DRM-Free Steam Key Guaranteed if Green Lit Windows Mac Linux

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Monsters!, by QuadraTronGames

Now in final release!

Monsters! is a 2D action shooter inspired by the classic arcade game Robotron 2084. Wielding “twin stick” controls, the player aims to defeat waves of enemy monsters bent on his destruction. The player must use caution, however, as every shot drains the player’s life/energy. The only way to stay alive is to continuously collect the hearts of the slain monsters. In addition, hearts of different colors provide a variety of “power-up” like abilities that the player can use to their advantage. The player uses two sets of controls, one to move, the other to fire. Each wave is a single screen populated with a number of enemy monsters of varying types. Coming into contact with an enemy or an enemy projectile will decrease the player’s life/energy. Defeating each level of monsters will allow the player to progress to a more difficult level. The game will progress infinitely as the player defeats each level.

Samphi, by GreenyGames

Samphi is a mash up of MANY different elements including RPG, Tower Defence and Survival. You will fight across randomly generated levels, craft, fight, build, level up, collect gear and shape the game in the way YOU choose. All of these are thrown together to work seamlessly to create a game in which no two players will have the same experience. Players will have a similar goal…. But how that goal is reached is up to you.

Take care however, as not only will you have waves of enemies to worry about but also simply surviving! Accompanying you throughout your journey is your trusty canine companion, and together you will level up and create/explore the world you find yourself in.

Will you fight? Will you build? Will you survive? It’s up to you.

Twisty’s Asylum Escapades, by Twisted Jenius

Twisty’s Asylum Escapades is a dark, stylized, single player, action adventure video game that is currently under development and is the premier gaming project by the evil masterminds at Twisted Jenius.
You play as Twisty; the lovable, disembodied floating brain with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, as he makes his way through this bizarre mental facility, fighting enemies and solving puzzles in order to secure his own “early release” from the asylum.

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