Eat My Dust Racing Bundle

 Headlong Racing,  Little Racers STREET,  Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road

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Headlong Racing, by PsychicParrot Games

Go fast, go furious.. go Headlong!

Race and win to unlock over 25 cars, trucks, monster trucks and hot rods in over 30 career mode events across 7 different environments.

Each vehicle has a unique driving style for you to master, in both quick race or career modes and a rock soundtrack orchestrates the blasting as you use nitrous to fuel the ride and ram other racers out of the race. It’s the exciting all-out arcade racing game that the critics are calling “Adrenalinic!!!”, “.. a fun racer” and “.. fun as hell”!

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Little Racers STREET, by Milkstone Studios

Little Racers STREET is a much needed refresh to the top-down racing genre! Offering a whole 3D city with lots of different tracks and environmental effects, the game’s key lies in the career mode. You’ll have to start from scratch, with a low class car. Win races and complete challenges to earn credits, and spend them on car upgrades or purchasing new rides. Featuring 30 different cars, challenging opponents and varied weather conditions, this game offers hours of fun and enjoyment!

The game also features an online multiplayer mode for up to 12 racers, integrated with the career mode (you can use your customized cars and earn credits by playing online). There’s also a time trial mode with leaderboards, so you can compare your performance against your friends and other gamers.

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Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road, by Mindwedge

Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road lays on the nitrous in a big way and gets some serious air off with retro racing that takes off-road in new directions. A retro look and a surreal style are only the beginning of the ways that this single-player title takes you back to when racing was a personal experience for as long as you could handle it. With a whopping 90 tracks over 18 themes, you’ll be racing for hours and hours before you finish this game on the first run.

Support: Not On Steam Desura Key Not DRM-Free Steam Key Guaranteed if Green Lit Windows Mac Linux

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Metal Drift, by Black Jacket Studios

Metal Drift is a vehicular sport combat game set in a distant future. As the player, you command an agile, high powered hover tank in a futuristic sports arena. Core game play centers on intense tank-on-tank multiplayer team combat seen through an immersive, first person cockpit. Layered on this is a goal-oriented game type that allows for high level strategy and team dynamics. Players can level up to unlock new ranks, weapons, and upgrades.

Each weapon and upgrade is specifically designed and balanced to allow different styles of play. Pair up the Stealth upgrade and the Shock Cannon to uncloak behind an enemy player and unload a devastating blow before disappearing again. Or choose the Sensor upgrade to see where all the nearby players are, and the Temporal Cannon to shoot them through walls! There are 56 possible combinations – choose whichever suits your strategy.

Support: Steam Key Desura Key Not DRM-Free Windows Mac Linux

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